Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grapefruit Campari Sorbet


As you can probably tell my the blinding girlishness of my blog, I unapologetically love pink.

The thing is, I in no way fit the personality profile of a stereotypical pink-lover.
My ipod and cellphone are not bedazzled with swarovski crystals.
I stopped wearing tiaras after grammar school.
If for some reason I am wearing a skirt, I can assure you that I will provide no opportunity for accidental peeping at my lady parts.
See? I'm totally 'one of the guys'.

But yeah. I admit that pink sort of puts me in my happy place. As does this pink grapefruit sorbet. I look forward to making it all year. Right about now, when the gargantuan Florida grapefruit are available is the best time to make it, but the Texas rio stars are also quite good. The Campari is key. While it may taste as bitter and evil as Slayer lyrics by itself- the oompf a little splash of it in citrus cocktails will deliver makes it a worthy investment. Plus you'll look totally suave with it sitting on your bar.


Do yourself a favor and candy the zest of the grapefruit before juicing them. Not only is it less wasteful in trying economic times like these, but it makes a tasty garnish as well.


This sorbet always does well at the restaurant. It's rare when a sorbet will outsell anything with chocolate in it, but this one will.
I love to imagine some alpha male on a first date accidentally ordering it.
While he is desperately hoping to appear manly- thus increasing the odds of mating, this pretty pink dessert on a doily sits before him.
It probably never happens, but I can always fantasize.

Grapefruit Campari Sorbet

5 1/2 cups freshly squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice (usually takes about 8 medium grapefruit)
1 quart grapefruit simple syrup*
6 oz. champagne, prosecco, or cremant (anything bubbly)
1 oz campari

Combine and churn in an ice cream maker according to manufacturer's instructions

*Grapefruit simple syrup:
1 quart water
4 cups sugar
grated zest of 2 ruby red grapefruit

Rub the zest into the sugar with your hands until the mixture resembles wet sand. Combine with the water and bring to a full boil. Remove from heat and strain. Chill overnight or in an ice bath.



Foodycat said...

So pretty! I like pink, I like campari and I love fruity desserts! This sounds perfect for me.

Brooke said...

But you always wear douche dresses and tiaras. Your living room is full of unicorn statues. And I've seen you flash your lady parts more times than I care to count.

matt wright said...

Looks awesome. You should get the servers to keep an eye out for the blokes that order the dessert.. fingers crossed some manly guy orders it. I always love looking at other peoples drinks in bars, to try and see the tough guy that accidentally ordered the drink with an umbrella in.. same thing with dessert for you I guess!

I love sorbet. I actually prefer it to ice cream. Nutty, I know. This one looks awesome.

Kevin said...

I would come into betty just to sit at the bar and eat that sorbet..Granted I'm not your typical manly man, but I do the best with what I have, and would not feel emasculated in the slightest to partake in something pink.

It looks so very tasty

Emily said...

My goodness! It's so pretty!

Emily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brittany said...

Foodycat- : )

Brooke- I also enjoy our walks on the beach together. You know, the ones where we hold our sandals and talk about massengel?

Matt- Nothing is more amusing to me than a dickhead who is insecure in his manhood

Kevin- As in "Kevin Smitty" Kevin? Blogger won't tell me for sure. If so- get your ass into betty and lets sit at the bar together.

Em- YOU'RE so pretty

Heather said...

You should enter this recipe into the Texas Rio Star grapefruit recipe contest. $5K to the winner of each of three categories - you could take dessert, I know it!

Brittany said...

Awesome! I had to stumble this pink piece of yum!

Kevin said...

Yes, as in Kevin "Smitty" Kevin, you know the dude who has a pig permanently etched on his arm. We should sit and drink soon

cookiecrumb said...

Why shouldn't a man order it? My husband would love it.

Julie said...

It's so pretty, makes me wish I had an ice cream maker and knew what campari was.

Brittany said...

Heather- you shouldn't put naughty thoughts like that in my head.
cause I could surely use some 5k..

Brittany- stumble away my darling...

Smithole- HELLS yeah

CC- A man should absolutely order it. I was just poking fun at the beefcake types.

Julie- Campari is an Italian bitters. Kinda citrusey. You could always freeze the sorbet base in an ice cube tray holder, then put the frozen cubes in a blender....texture is a smidge different, but the delish factor is still pretty high.

AnticiPlate said...

So great to meet you last night! The dessert was stunning:)

peter said...

Wait- are you saying that I'm gay? I would violently upend the table, storm into the kitchen and KICK YOUR ASS if you ever served me a pink dessert.

Also, you should go for an a-line skirt in a kind of saucy-yet-sophisticated houndstooth tweed.

Peabody said...

So pretty in pink!

Brittany said...

Kari- You too girl! You and your husband are hilarious and I want to drink wine with you again sometime soon.

Peter- and a naughty little dominatrix biker hat, slightly askew.

Peabody- Oh sexy girlfriend!

cookiecrumb said...

(Re Peter) I'll lend you my engineer boots. 6 1/2, right?

cook eat FRET said...

i'm a huge campari fan
i always keep a bottle
i drink mine au natural - on the rocks with a splash of saoda - in the summer

now you know

the sorbet looks wonderful
i love love pink grapefruits

Joe Randazzo said...

I met you at the wonderful "meat party" a couple weeks back. I tagged along with my friend Matt up from LA.

It was a pleasure meeting and eating your tasty treats!

I look forward to following your blog.


Jessica @ Bring Your Appetite said...

That is just so pretty! Looks beautifully refreshing too. I need to get myself an ice cream maker.

Heather said...

The shroom napkins are from Ikea. I just go for the napkins, I swear.

Hayley said...

I too love anything pink, but I have to admit the phone and ipod are also pink. Thanks for sharing, it looks so refreshing!

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