Friday, July 18, 2008

Has it really been over a month?

First in the archive of neglected recipes I've been meaning to blog- Fresh blueberry tart

Woah- sorry faithful readers (all 3 of you)! Between my last post bemoaning the shitty weather and now, summer actually decided to happen for us here. I guess sitting at home in front of the computer was pretty low on my priority list. My apologies. Lucky for you all, I am trapped indoors with a narsty cold.

Usually when I'm sick, I choose to lie on the couch and watch all the crappy girl movies that Trevor will never watch with me. Here's the problem though. Trevor is like, REALLY good about chick flicks- just as long as they're decent movies. He loves Working girl and Steel Magnolias as much as I do. So on sick days, I rent the "no chance in hell" movies. Today's titles were The Notebook and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I don't know why I do this to myself. Those are two of the shittiest movies I have ever seen in my life. Well- The Notebook has Ryan Gosling going for it (especially towards the end with his hot little beard), but that aside, it was a crapfest. I would say live and learn, but I know I'll just repeat my errors next time I'm sick.

After some sufficient loafing time, It occurred to me that I haven't posted in ages and there are piles of recipes and pictures I've been meaning to share with you all. Here is one of my favorite uses for the blueberries that are in season and lovely right now- Fresh blueberry tart. It's on my menu right now with a dollop of barely sweetened greek yogurt (I whisk in a teaspoon or two of vanilla bean sugar) and lemon-lavender creme anglaise. It's a recipe that I vaguely remember jacking from Martha Stewart, but when I went to her book to confirm that, I couldn't find the recipe. So I dunno. Maybe it's hers, maybe it's not. Now it's yours.

**By the way- my little sister, who is totally not even fat, has started a blog of her own to chronicle her way through a diet her and her boyfriend are on. The recipes are actually really awesome and not "diet-y", but they do happen to be good for you. Unlike my recipes. I highly recommend clicking here to check it out.**

Fresh blueberry tart

1 10" pre-baked pate sucree tart shell, or 10 individual shells

2# fresh blueberries
6 oz water
2 T fresh lemon juice, strained
7 oz sugar
1/4 tsp salt
3 T cornstarch
1 tsp ground ginger
Greek yogurt- the new whipped cream. Vastly superior in every way.

In a small bowl, whisk together the sugar, salt, cornstarch, and ginger.
Pick through the blueberries and remove any stems. measure out two cups, then set the rest aside in a large bowl. In a saucepan, bring the water and lemon juice to a boil. Add the 2 cups of berries and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until berries begin to burst (takes a minute or two). Add the dry ingredients and cook, whisking constantly until sauce is thickened and translucent. Remove from heat and fold in the remaining fresh berries. Spoon filling into prebaked tart
shell(s) and chill.



Brittany said...

She lives!

I can't carry on our namesake by myself, ya know!

Luckily, you have won me over with a yummy recipe I can use to dispose of too many blue berries.

Welcome back!

cook eat FRET said...

and that looks absofuckinglutely beautiful.

glad to see you.

but c'mon - the notebook? i cried my eyes out... everyone i knew balled like a baby. it certainly wasn't a fine flick but i was very moved... and i hate most all of those movies.

feel better.

Cinnamon Spice said...

This looks scrumptious. I'm going blueberry picking this week and can't wait to bake something just as mouth-watering!

matt wright said...

Bloody hell, it is about sodding time!!! I wondered where you had got to.

Bummer about feeling sick, I hope you get better soon!

This looks amazing. Simply amazing. Local blueberries are wonderful right now - I just picked some up at the market this weekend, and was flawed.

Brooke said...

FINALLY. You know I check your blog almost daily, and lately it has been in vain. I swore the next time I saw that damned cookie I would mail you anthrax. And you would have opened it, cuz I'm your sister and you trust me. Luckily for you, you got sick. Your cold has spared you this time.

Excellent post. That looks yummy.

Brittany said...

Brittany- I'm back to do my share of the "brittany" heavy lifting.

Claudia- All I know is that Ryan Gosling is a fucking HOTTIE. I could sit through the mellodrama of that movie a thousand times over just to watch the few scenes of him sweatily building that house.

Cinnamon spice- and scrumptious it is! Have fun picking! : )

Matt- I know, I know. So are you going to actually BAKE something with those blueberries?

Brittany said...

Brooke- did you like your shout out in this post? Did it make you feel cool and pretty and popular?

Heather said...

Haha I watch the bad teen dance/cheerleading/beauty pageant type movies. Luckily I have homo friends to watch these with me.

Welcome back! Instead it funny how popular Fage has become overnight?

Emiline said...

Blueberry tart with Greek yogurt...mmm. I totalllly get you.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days sucked hard. I thought I was going to say the same about The Notebook, and I'm guilty to say that I actually liked that one. Just a little.
There's a Kate Hudson/Matthew McConaughey movie about treasure hunting in the ocean, and that movie really SUCKED. Don't watch it.

Brittany said...

Heather- Have you seen Mean Girls? I thought that movie was fucking awesome. Trevor did not. I'm thinking homos prolly love it.

Em- yeah, the more I think about it, the more I am leaning toward giving The Notebook another watch. If only for *that* scene. You totally know which one I am refering to.

matt wright said...

Er.. me.. BAKE? Are you serious!!! haha

Nope, they got put into panacakes that my wife made. Oh, and some got smothered with whipped cream and eaten.

Norm Schoen said...

How is homemade yogurt? Is the Greek yogurt higher in fat content? The Berry tart looks fab!

Norm Schoen said...

Have you ever used a yogurt strainer to thicken your yogurt? Ever made homemade yogurt? Just curious.

Brittany said...

Hi Norm- I have used a strainer to thicken regular yogurt (then added orange juice and other goodies), however, the greek yogurt is so thick to begin with that straining is not necessary. I have never made homemade yogurt, but I do have a recipe from culinary school that I've been meaning to dig up and play with.

Thanks Norm!