Thursday, August 30, 2007

Greetings from Seattle

This is my first entry in my first blog ever. I've been meaning to start one for months now, but my desire to join up with the daring bakers put a fire under my buns.

I am a 27 year old pastry chef, married with no kids. My husband Trevor and his obnoxious eating habits is sure to be mentioned often.....the man has virtually no sweet tooth....and he's married to a sugar pusher. A match made in heaven, I tell you.

This blog has been created to chronicle my way through the world of pastry. Both working in the industry and at home. I have been baking professionally for eight years now, but I still find myself learning (and of course making mistakes) everyday. This is also for my dear Mamo. My grandmother and the woman who taught me at a young age that really one of the best things on this earth is pie made with loving hands.


Kevin said...

Greetings from ballard! Betty is a lovely place and I'm glad we could all get together (sans trevor unfortunately). The food was good, the "scenery" very nice and your desserts make me squirm.

Yours in satan


Anonymous said...

Honey, what a thrill to have your GaPa call me to come read something special. I had no idea; what a privilege it is to be your MaMo. I always thought the thing that made me special in your eyes was the oatmeal & the needlework. I am very anxious to try some of the pie at Betty's. Good Job, Sweetheart. I Love You, MaMo

Brooke said...

Have you paid tribute to Mamo's pies on the Betty menu yet?

Brittany said...

Kevin- hola Smitty. I love how my grandmother's sweet note has to follow your classic sign off. Lets go back to Betty soon and get my discount on that 75 dollar bottle of wine!

Mamo- there are way to many reasons for me to count why your'e special to me :) I Love you! Big hug and kiss.

Brooke- You think I'd deny her credit? It's on the menu as "Mamo's seasonal fruit pie"- I even sent her a copy.

Mehgan said...

Welcome to Seattle, and to the foodie blogroll! I work in Seattle and live in Federal Way, so it's lovely to find other foodies in this area.

Thanks Norm!